At Artie's Tempeh, there is a beauty when working with nature. Under the oaks and pines of North Central Florida, we work and operate our company very similarly to the Indonesian shop of centuries gone by - blending old world magic and modern diet to make some of the finest tasting and highest quality Tempeh in the entire country.

Our mission has always been simple: To grow this sustainable and natural alternative, non-meat protein source that you can feel good about eating. A protein source that is safe and free from pesticides, herbicides, and genetic modifications, while providing more options for people with vegan, vegetarian, low impact and gluten free diets. A protein source that uses no animal cruelty in its making.

And that's what you can find us doing here on any particular day. Our handmade, slow production method yields the finest, most dense vegetable protein of any whole food vegetable source available. Our Tempeh is then delivered by car or, if in Gainesville, by bicycle to over fifty grocery stores and restaurants throughout North Central Florida.

Our promise is to continue to make this Tempeh because we believe in the goodness of our product and our business model. The honest, hard work that goes into producing Artie's Tempeh, and keeping it available to our region is truly our pleasure. I believe this viable alternative to animal protein can be a staple in the diet towards a healthier, more conscience life. Oh, it is also tasty!


We are preparing to sell Tempeh online soon. For now, give us a call or email us!

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